Why you should embrace remote research

Illustration of two people making notes as several arms holding phones surround them

Qualitative research is typically conducted in-person, in a lab environment. There is a general consensus that meeting participants face-to-face provides a richness that is difficult to achieve otherwise. In some cases that can be true. But for many qualitative studies remote research can be just as good, if not better, at generating the insights needed to help a team move forward in their work.

Here are just a few benefits that a remote approach to research can bring.




Seeing users in their home or work environment also provides us with a chance to peek into their world. In the past we’ve had users give us video tours of their homes via FaceTime.

Own devices

Quicker and cheaper

Whether you’re thinking about remote research out of necessity or are considering different approaches for your next study. Take these benefits into account and you may find it saves time, money, and produces better results.

Digital Product Designer samjudge.studio