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I’m terrified of being boring. I’m fully aware that my presence in a social situation has little affect on the outcome of the occasion. I’m naturally introverted and so some events are draining on me and yet, in an attempt to not be labeled boring, I attend anyway. I circle the room bouncing from one introduction to the next, “where you from?”, “what do you do?”, each time I’m asked I desperately seek ways to sound enthusiastic and excited but humble about who I am. As I speak my own voice echoes in my mind and paralyses my ability to relax. Like a dog in a unfamiliar setting with her ears constantly raised, I’m on high alert. I drink to get over this, sometimes too much, sometimes not enough.

Your article made me question why I worry about being branded as boring and the actions I take to avoid this. I think to feel out of your depth and in new and novel situations is good every once in a while, but the cost of this should be less than or equal to the benefit. Did I gain friends? Did I see a different perspective? Or did I hand over £100 to a bar in exchange for a social lubricant to get me through an evening of surface-level small talk with people I’ll never really know?

I think I’ll choose boring more often.

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