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I’ve noticed a pattern, it reveals itself through my mood and my energy, my self esteem and my ego, and my vigor or my listlessness. I refer to this pattern as the Creative Cycle.

Credit for this one goes to my two year old son

The three acts of the Creative Cycle

Act I: Inspired

A period of time filled with promise, a sense that anything is possible, a warm urgency that fills the gut, a mass of energy waiting to get out.

Act II: Acting

Exerting the energy, containing it, managing it, running with it, and playing with it. It feels like progress, like we’re doing what…

Our natural social behaviours can hinder a deeper understanding of users. But what are these conversational tendencies and how can we avoid them to conduct better user interviews?

An surreal illustration of a man delving into the mind of research participant
Illustration: Jack Bedford

A look back at the art I made in 2018 and what I learned along the way.

January 2018

Sam Judge

Digital Product Designer samjudge.studio

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